By enrolling in a medical plan from YMCA Employee Benefits you are taking the first step towards having an active role in your own Healthy Living. Along with medical and prescription drug coverage through UnitedHealthcare, you'll also have access to numerous resources from our Employee Assistance Program & WorkLife Services (EAP) benefit through Optum.

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Your medical plan from YMCA Employee Benefits has many features and benefits in addition to your health coverage. Check the menus below to discover even more about how your plan is designed to benefit you!


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 Cost Saving Tools

Your medical plan from YMCA Employee Benefits has many tools that can help you reduce your out of pocket cost. From higher benefits for in-network care, to affordable alternatives to the emergency room, use the tools below to take advantage of your benefits and avoid cost surprises:

Featured Resource: Compare Quick Care Options

Care is available in many different ways.
Compare your quick care options to help keep costs down.


More Resources

Flyer: HSA Contribution Limits
Flyer: Hearing Aid Discounts
Flyer: Estimate Costs
Infographic: Choosing
Network Providers
↖ UHC Resource: Quick Care Options
Video: Avoiding Cost Surprises
 WellnessWorks Program

Healthy Living isn't just an area of focus for communities outside of our doors. The health and well-being of our employees is vital to our ability to meet community needs. By enrolling in a YMCA Employee Benefits medical plan, you get a team of advocates on your side to help you focus on your health.

Featured Resource: Member Incentives

Learn about all the ways you can earn up to $300 in giftcards just by participating in the WellnessWorks Program!


More Resources

FAQ: WellnessWorks Program
Flyer: Rally Mobile App
Guide: Earning Gift Cards on Rally
Lets Get Checked
Colorectal Cancer Screening Home Kit
Biometric Screening Home Kit
Options for Your Biometric Screening
Form: The YMCA's Diabetes
Prevention Program
Privacy Statement
 Programs & Resources

Learn more about the programs and resources available to you as a member of a medical plan with YMCA Employee Benefits. Personalized support for all of your needs is available online, over the phone, or on the go with the UnitedHealthcare app.

Featured Resource:
Get 2nd.MD

Through YMCA Employee Benefits, you have an exclusive membership to 2nd.MD, a virtual expert medical consultation and navigation service. We connect you with a board-certified, elite specialist for a virtual expert medical consultation via phone or video from the comfort of home




Personal Health Support Welcome Brochure
About PHS Video: I Enrolled...Now What?
Flyer: Wellness Coaching Guide: myUHC.com
Real Appeal ↖ myUHC.com
Maternity Support Once Your ID Cards Arrive
Healthy Back Flyer: UnitedHealthcare App
Fertility Solutions Video: Using Your Benefits
Cancer Support Medical Claim Form
Orthopedic Decision Support ↖ Just Plain Clear® Glossary
Free Glucose Meter Program Flyer: Finding the Right Doctor
Quit Tobacco FAQ: Premium Providers
Virta Diabetes Reversal Guide: Preventive Care
Video: Reversing Diabetes Flyer: Flu Shots
Flyer: Virta FAQ Flyer: Pick Up the Phone
Symptom Support Navigator Flyer: Smoking Cessation
↖ UHC Vaccine Resources
COVID-19 Vaccine Overview
COVID-19 Vaccine Checklist
 Plan Member Perks

Learn more about the perks of being a member of a YMCA Employee Benefits medical plan and discover how to get the most out of your benefits coverage with our quarterly member newsletter!

Featured Resource: Our Most Recent Issue

Click the cover image below to read this quarter's issue!


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Your YMCA Employee Benefits Medical plan also includes prescription drug coverage with OptumRx. Save time and money by using the resources below to learn about your coverage.

About Coverage

Rx Quick
Start Guide

About Your
Rx Benefits

What's Covered?

Prescription Drug List
Effective May 1, 2024

$0 Cost-Share Medications
PPACA Preventive Medications
Effective January 1, 2024
NEW: Vital Medication Program
Effective January 1, 2024


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HealthSafe ID™


The challenges you face each day can cause you extra stress, which can in turn cause your home life, your happiness, and your performance at work to all suffer. Our EAP and WorkLife Services Benefit is designed to provide confidential support for everyday challenges or more serious problems, and it's available around the clock—anytime you need it.

This benefit is included with ALL YEB Medical plans!



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